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1.2A~2.2A high frequency transformer

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1. Overview

HNHF-III type high frequency power supply for electrostatic dust removal is a new generation dust removal power source developed by our company. It not only has a light weight, small size, compact structure, three-phase load symmetry, power factor and high conversion efficiency, compared to power frequency power supply, It also has superior power supply performance, can overcome the shortcomings of large output voltage pulsation and low average voltage of general industrial power supply, can work stably under the breakdown voltage approaching the electrostatic precipitator, and can greatly improve the dust removal efficiency. HNHF-III adopts the most advanced control concepts and smart technologies have the following features:

2. The main parameters:

Rated DC Output Current 1400MA

Output Current Adjustment Range: 0-100%

Rated DC output voltage 80KV

Output current adjustment range: 0-100%

Main circuit input voltage 380V 50HZ

Output current frequency 0KHZ-32KHZ

Electrical energy conversion efficiency greater than 93%,

Power factor greater than 0.93

High-frequency boosting method: direct cooling

Cooling method: air-cooled

Soft-stabilized control features: The use of soft switching technology, micro-spark control, provides stable DC power supply for electrostatic precipitators.

High-performance control chip: The control part adopts the advanced ST company ARM's dual-processor CPU control, which has the advantages of powerful function, high processing speed, and high reliability.

Has a good man-machine interface: the control section is equipped with a set of high-performance embedded touch screen, using 7-inch high-brightness TFT LCD screen. With screen saver and automatic temperature compensation control, Chinese and English characters can be displayed at the same time, graphic curves, rich display content, convenient operation, equipment startup, shutdown, parameter display, parameter setting, operation mode selection and conversion display content, etc.  all of them can be operated through the display of screen.

Has excellent spark control characteristics: digital signal processor based on the analysis of voltage and current waveform changes in the electric field, using software and hardware double precision spark detection technology, call spark interrupt control program to deal with flashover, spark off time is less than 10US spark energy is small, The electric field recovers quickly, and the average voltage of the electric field is increased, thereby improving the dust removal efficiency.

Provide a variety of operating modes: DC power supply, pulse power supply and other operating modes, to meet the requirements of a variety of different working conditions.

Perfect fault protection and alarm functions: input over-current, IGBT over-current, output open circuit, output short circuit, low DC bus voltage, overheated IGBT, overheated transformer oil temperature and more than ten kinds of protection functions to ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

Use standard MODBUS protocol to communicate: 485 bus or TCP, IP Ethernet and on-site ESE-C communication, analog quantity, switch quantity; realize remote management and system integration.

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