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H(L)6-40.5 SF6 fully insulated metal-enclosed compact load switchgear

Standard specification

H(L)6-40.5 series SF6 fully insulated metal-enclosed compact load switchgear (hereinafter referred to as inflatable cabinet) is suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage 40.5kV power distribution system.

For the combination of load current, overload current, closing short circuit, it can also break the capacitive load of the no-load transformer, a certain distance overhead line, cable line and capacitor bank, in the power system

The distribution, control and protection of electrical energy.H(L)6-40.5 adopts a fully sealed structure, all primary electrified bodies are sealed in a gas chamber welded by stainless steel plates, and the protection grade is IP67.

It can adapt to humid and salty fog, such as flood, heavy pollution and other harsh environmental conditions, and operate safe and reliable multi-loop ring network switchgear.Widely used in industrial parks, streets,

Airports, residential quarters, prosperous commercial centers, etc., are ideal equipment for distribution network automation.

Also used in: compact box substation, cable branch box, opening and closing station, wind power station, subway

With tunnels, etc.h(l)6-40.5 There are multiple modules, which can be combined according to user requirements and provide multiple combinations to meet the needs of most ring network units.

Up to 4 modules can be configured in the same sf6 chamber.When there are more than 4 modules, the expansion cabinet can be used to connect the switch cabinets.

H(L)6-40.5 Available modules are:

C—load switch module
De — cable connection module with grounding knife
D—cable connection module without grounding knife
F—Load switch fuse combination electric module
V—vacuum breaker module
Sl—busbar sectional switch module (load switch)
Sv—busbar segmentation switch module (vacuum switch)
Sv is always with the bus lift module
Be—busbar grounding module
M-meter module

Product structure characteristics

1. Fully sealed and fully insulated design: H(L)6-40.5 All live parts are sealed in a box welded by 304 stainless steel plate with a working pressure of 1.4 bar The SF6 gas has a degree of protection of IP67.It can be installed in areas with high humidity and dust pollution, especially suitable for mines, box-type substations and any table that is easy to cause due to air pollution.

The place where the surface flashes. The product is fitted with a din47636-compliant bushing that is connected to the cable via a fully insulated, fully sealed, shielded cable gland.

2. High reliability and personal safety: all live parts are sealed in the SF6 air chamber; the air chamber has a reliable pressure relief channel, passed the internal fault arc test of 25kA / 0.5s;

3. The load switch and grounding switch are three-position switches that simplify interlocking with each other.There is a reliable mechanical interlock between the cable compartment cover and the load switch to prevent accidental entry into the charging interval. maintenance-free and long life cycle: the product design life cycle is 30 years, the main switch does not need maintenance during the product life cycle.The annual air leak rate of the product is ≤ 0.1%.

4. Compact structure: In addition to the air-insulated metering cabinet and PT cabinet, the standard module width is 500mm.

The cable joints of all units are of the same height to the ground, which facilitates on-site construction.

5. H(L)6-40.5 Configurable intelligent control unit (optional) provides effective protection, remote control and monitoring systems, and supports automation of the power distribution system.

6. H(L)6-40.5 provides two protection modes for the transformer: load switch fuse combination and circuit breaker with relay protection.Load switch fuse combination for 1600Kva And the following transformers, and circuit breakers with relays can be used for transformer protection of various capacities.

7. Environmental protection: The development of h(l)6-40.5 is not only from the product itself, but also from the production process to the environmental protection of the switch for lifelong operation.All materials are selected to be environmentally friendly materials.

With a zero-leakage cleaning process, the product is sealed for life, and 90% - 95% of the material is recyclable after the end of the product life cycle.

Use of environmental conditions
1. The ambient temperature: -40 ° C ~ +40 ° C (less than -30 ° C by the user and the manufacturer to negotiate)
2. Altitude: ≤ 2500 meters (more than 2500 meters is negotiated by the user and the manufacturer)
3. The maximum average relative humidity: 24-hour average ≤ 95%, monthly average ≤ 90%
4. Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 degrees
5. Locations without fire, explosion, chemical corrosion and frequent severe vibration

Single-spacer dimensions: width 500* depth 1335* height 1600


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