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Mining dry type transformer          

JSM Mine used general-purpose dry-type transformer KSG with a capacity of 50-6300KVA, input voltage: 10KV or 6KV, and output voltage: 3300V, 1200V, 693V, or 400V. Transformer body is vacuum dried by a pressure swing method, and the surface of the body is covered with a layer of moisture-proof lacquer, which has good insulation properties.

The dry-type transformers used in JSM Mine have the advantages of safety, reliability, energy saving, fire prevention, explosion-proof, no harmful gas, environmental pollution and simple maintenance. Excellent product performance,  excellent electrical and mechanical properties throughout the life of the product. It is the most suitable for the environment with high fire protection requirements, high load fluctuation and high heat resistance level.

At present, the dry-type transformers for JSM Mine have obtained the national mine safety certificate. The factory has the KA mark and test report of the National Safety Production Inspection Center, which can be widely used in places where metal and non-metal mines do not require explosion-proof requirements. For example: iron ore, copper mines, gold mines and other mines, high-speed rail, highways, tunnels, etc



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