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High voltage load switch. FZW32-12

High voltage load switch FZW32-12 Generally equipped with a simple arc extinguishing device, the working process is: when the gate is divided, under the action of the gate spring, the main axis rotates clockwise. On the one hand, the piston moves upwards through the crank slider mechanism to compress the gas; On the other hand, through the transmission system composed of two sets of four-pole mechanisms, the main gate knife is opened first, and then the arc brake knife is pushed to open the arc contact, and the compressed air in the cylinder blows out the arc through the nozzle. When closing, through the main shaft and transmission system, the main gate knife and the arc brake knife rotate clockwise at the same time, and the arc contact is closed first; The main axis continues to rotate so that the main contact is subsequently closed. In the closing process, the separation spring simultaneously stores energy. Because the load switch can not switch off the short-circuit current, it is often used in combination with the flow-limiting high-pressure fuse. Using the flow-limiting fuse's flow-limiting function, it not only completes the task of the cut-off circuit, but also can significantly reduce the heat caused by the short-circuit current. The role of electric power.


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